Course Description

This course is designed to build on the critical thinking and composition strategies learned in ENGL 1101 by introducing students to key concepts in visual culture and digital archives through the fictions and legacy of nineteenth-century British author H. Rideriswung47 Haggard. Students will read Haggard’s adventure fiction King Solomon’s Mines (1885), as well as Allan Moore’s graphic novel The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (1999-Present)—both of which feature Haggard’s recurrent character Allan Quartermain. Students will also actively participate in a digital archive project by writing and contributing metadata to Visual Haggard: The Illustration Archive. By studying the visual legacy of Haggard’s fictions in a variety of mediums, including books and serials, graphic novels, film, and video games, students will learn to better identify and interpret the significance of visuality within the discourse of romance fiction. Working closely with the special collections librarians at Georgia Tech, students will gain hands-on experience with archival texts. Our course considers not only the possibilities digitization opens up for humanists and archivists, but also the limitations that these technologies impose. Throughout the semester we will consider fundamental points in the discourses of literary and visual culture to address how the adaptation of written texts to visual media shifts the ways in which we interpret these narratives. How is the ideology of the nineteenth century inscribed on the images they created? Why are digital archives necessary for the preservation, centralization, and dissemination of cultural heritage? What is the role of metadata for archivists of images? Is providing access to historical texts always positive or desirable, or should archivists bar access to some objects? Students enrolled in this course will be evaluated on their successful engagement with with course outcomes in rhetoric, process, and multimodality through the completion of written assignments as well as multimodal and digital projects.