In this section of English 1102, students will learn about key concepts in visual culture and digital archives by studying the fictions and legacy of nineteenth-century British author H. Rider Haggard. Full Course Description.



OFFICE HOURS: 1-2 pm MWF in Skiles 304

 Week 1          Introductions

Monday 1/9

Wednesday 1/11

DUE on 1/11: Review syllabus; come with questions/concerns about syllabus. Sign and return syllabus form. Review WOVEN 28-80. Read Owens, “What Do You Mean By Archive?” (T-Square).

Friday 1/13          NO CLASS – Work on Common First Week Assignment.

Week 2          Materiality and the Archive

Monday 1/16        NO CLASS

Wednesday 1/18      Meet in Special Collections.

Friday 1/20     Meet in Special Collections.

DUE 1/20: First Week Assignment.

Week 3          Representations

Monday 1/23

DUE on 1/23: Maidment, from Reading Popular Prints, 1790-1870; Mirzoeff, “What is Visual Culture” (T-Square).

Wednesday 1/25: Tutorial for research with LMC subject librarian Karen Viars.

Friday 1/27

DUE on 1/27: Brantlinger, “Exploring the Terrain” (T-Square).

Week 4          Adventure Fiction

Monday 1/30: Tutorial with Allison Valk (in Homer Rice Classroom).

DUE on 1/30: Haggard, King Solomon’s Mines, Chapter Introduction-4.

Wednesday 2/1: Presentation by the Office of International Education.

DUE on 2/1: Review WOVEN 82-115. Haggard, King Solomon’s Mines, Chapter 5-8.

Friday 2/3

DUE on 2/3: Haggard, King Solomon’s Mines, Chapter 9-11.

Week 5          Word and Image

Monday 2/6

DUE on 2/6: Haggard, King Solomon’s Mines, Chapter 12-14. Holterhoff, Visual Haggard Editor’s Statement and Biography.

Wednesday 2/8: Presentations & Gallery Viewing (bring printed posters to class for viewing)

Friday 2/10: Presentations & Gallery Viewing (bring printed posters to class for viewing)

DUE on 2/10: Haggard, King Solomon’s Mines, Chapter 15-17.

Week 6          Picturing Gender

Monday 2/13

DUE on 2/13: Artifact #1. Haggard, King Solomon’s Mines, Chapter 18-End.

Wednesday 2/15

DUE 2/15: McClintock, from Imperial Leather (T-Square).

Friday 2/17

DUE on 2/17: Moore, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. I.

Annotations to League 

Week 7          Graphic Novels

Monday 2/20

DUE on 2/20: Moore, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, “Allan and the Sundered Veil.”

Wednesday 2/22

DUE on 2/22: Moore, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. II.

Friday 2/24

  • Select a digital archive from NINES
  • Read the About section (or comparable) to get some idea of the archive’s purpose and function.
  • Is this site most appropriate for experts, children, the public, someone else?
  • As a non-expert, how accessible is the site? What improvements can you suggest?
  • Does the design of the site look slick and modern, or dated, kitschy, and boring? Explain.
  • What type of search criteria does the archive use. Explore the site using this search criteria and describe your experience.
  • List all of the metadata attached to each object in the archive (dimensions, color, author, artist, etc). What other information could be included? Explain why it would be useful. Imagine a research project that might require this type of tag.

Week 8          Explorer as Hero

Monday 2/27

DUE on 2/27: Moore, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Chapters 1 & 2 of “The New Traveller’s Almanac.”

Wednesday 3/1:

DUE on 3/1: Moore, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Chapter 4 (Africa and the Middle East) of “The New Traveller’s Almanac.”

Friday 3/3: In-Class: Practice Data Set Creation for KSM. (Project Gutenberg KSM)

Week 9          Visualizing Data

Monday 3/6

DUE on 3/6: Review the site Seeing Data and read/ watch all 7 sections of Developing Visual Literacy.

Wednesday 3/8

DUE on 3/8: Manovich, How to Compare One Million Images? (T-Square).

Friday 3/10        NO CLASS: WORK DAY

Week 10

Monday 3/13: Work with group on visualization ideas.

DUE on 3/13: Compete spreadsheet list of illustration tags

Wednesday 3/15: Discuss visualizations

DUE on 3/15: One sample visualization of your data to project on the overhead. Samples should be as complete as possible (header, scale, etc). Teams will explain the decisions they made in creating this data visualization verbally.

Friday 3/17

DUE on 3/17: Artifact #2


Week 11

Monday 3/27

Wednesday 3/29: Bring 2-3 sentence proposal for audio guide to class

Friday 3/31: Audio editing tutorial with Alison Valk (in Homer Rice Classroom).

** Saturday 4/1 (10:00 AM- 5:00 PM) or Sunday 4/2 (12:00- 5:00 PM): Visit the High Museum of Art.

Week 12

Monday 4/3

Wednesday 4/5

Friday 4/7: Collage and Paper Circuit Illustration Workshop with local artist Ashley Schick (in Homer Rice Classroom).

Week 13

Monday 4/10: Visit with Virginia Sweeney, Coordinator of Museum Interpretation at the High Museum of Art. Have the section of your script that summarizes and describes your illustration to workshop (3. “A close reading of details in the image”).

Wednesday 4/12

Friday 4/14

Week 14          Mahara Portfolio

Monday 4/17: Bring collage and paper circuit illustrations to class to show your peers.

DUE on 4/17: Artifact #3

Wednesday 4/19: Introduce Multimedia Portfolios

Friday 4/21          NO CLASS: WORK DAY

Week 15          Mahara Portfolio

Monday 4/24: Peer Review of Reflective Introduction to the Portfolio


1102 A5 (9:05) – Monday, 5/1 from 11:30am – 2:20pm

1102 J6 (10:05) – Wednesday, 5/3 from 11:30am – 2:20pm

1102 G1 (12:05) – Monday, 5/1 from 8:00am – 10:50am